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What the Blackhawks Taught Me About Struggle

A couple weeks ago my beloved Blackhawks were mired in a miserable 9 game losing streak.  The only positive to the slump seemed to be the late start times on the west coast that saved me the disappointment of watching.  … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl and Thanking God (like Tim Tebow)

Tim Tebow may not be in the Super Bowl this weekend, but I suspect we’ll still be treated with a healthy dose of players thanking God for their victory around 9.30 CST Sunday night.  I know a lot of people … Continue reading

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My Son, Trucks, and Free Will

While waiting for a recent meeting to begin a couple co-workers and I began talking about our sons.  One explained her theory that every boy is either fascinated with balls, trucks or action figures, and asked which category our boys … Continue reading

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Chris Bosh, Emotions, and the Kingdom of God

Last year, Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwayne Wade in Miami and promised not one, not two, not three… not even seven championships.  I can only assume Lebron was implying they would win multiple championships and not that they … Continue reading

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