I am a disciple of Jesus, husband, father and all around passionate guy.  This is my personal blog about things I am thinking about and learning on the journey.  I love helping people explore how they can follow Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives.  As a result, most of my posts are reflections on things I am learning through the books I read, the people I listen to, and my experiences as a teacher, leader, husband and father.  These reflections are food for my soul, and I hope that you find a morsel or two here for your own.

My goal is to write twice a week.  I’ve not always hit that goal in the past, but I’ll be working on that.  If you like what you read, please subscribe.

Top Posts

If you’re new, here are a couple of my top posts:

A Response to the Response to Rob Bell and Love Wins
Broken Expectations
Uncomfortable Growth
The Way of Holiness

My Bio

By day I am the business lead on projects for a major healthcare organization.  By night I am the husband to a beautiful wife and father to an incredible son. I think the journey of faith is all about being formed by the Holy Spirit into the person that God created you to be. I seek to live a life that demonstrates that journey to my family and those around me.  I take just about any opportunity to teach and I am working on a book that I hope will help people engage more deeply in the journey.

Contact me

If you are interested in contacting me you can do so via email or twitter.


One Response to About

  1. mantacusprime says:

    blogs are egotistical and narcissistic. So what? At least we’re honest.

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