The Super Bowl and Thanking God (like Tim Tebow)

Tim Tebow may not be in the Super Bowl this weekend, but I suspect we’ll still be treated with a healthy dose of players thanking God for their victory around 9.30 CST Sunday night.  I know a lot of people have a problem with this.  Some get frustrated because they feel it lacks authenticity. Others buckle at the assumption that the athlete is suggesting that God preferred his team over the other.  I understand those points.  I suppose a number of athletes are not genuinely thanking “the man upstairs.”  And no, I don’t think that God cares a whole lot about who wins Sunday’s game. But here is why I don’t have a problem with these guys thanking God after a victory

I am not talented enough to play a professional sport.  You (I assume) are not gifted enough to make a living playing a game like football, but these guys are.  There are 1,728 players on active NFL rosters.  Add in the practice squads and you have 1,984 men who have enough talent to block, tackle, catch, throw or run well enough to make a living playing this wonderful game.  That is 1984 out of seven billion people, or 0.00003% of the world’s population.  That means you, your brother or your son has less than a one in a million shot to play in the NFL.

When you stop to think about the unique combination of talent, personality and passion that is required for these guys to make it, can there be any doubt that God created them to play football?  There is no doubt in my mind that these men are living (at least in part) the life that God created them to live.  So I cannot fault them for thanking God after a victory.  Their thanks may not be genuine and God certainly doesn’t prefer the Giants to the Patriots, but there is no doubt who gave these guys the gifts that will allow them to play and win that game.

The simple truth here is that we all have a God given, unique combination of talents, personality and passions.  We are created in this way for a purpose.  God never gives us these things simply for our own good fortune.  We are always given these gifts to pour out on the world.  Our unique combination of talent, personality and passion are like a road map to the life that God created us to live.  In short they point us toward our calling.

What are your talents, your personality, and your passions?  How is God calling you to pour them out on the world? What is your calling?  On what stage will you stand and thank God?  If you can answer these questions and live your calling, well that might just be better than winning the super bowl (unless your name is Eli Manning).

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