Christmas Reflections

Below is a small collection of some recent posts I have read recently that I have appreciated.  I hope you appreciate them as well.

The first is from Donald Miller.  I love his recent posts with the handwritten notes.  This one is especially great.


Next is a quote from Beuchner that a friend posted on her blog.

“Those who believe in God can never in a way be sure of him again.  Once they have seen him in a stable, they can never be sure where he will appear or to what lengths he will go or to what ludicrous depths of self-humiliation he will descend in his wild pursuit of humankind.  If holiness and the awful power and majesty of God were present in this least auspicious of all events, this birth of a peasant’s child, then there is no place or time so lowly and earthbound but that holiness can be present there too.  And this means that we are never safe, that there is no place where we can hide from God, no place where we are safe from his power to break in two and recreate the human heart, because it is just where he seems most helpless that he is most strong, and just where we least expect him that he comes most fully.
For those who believe in God, it means, this birth, that God himself is never safe from us, and maybe that is the dark side of Christmas, the terror of the silence.  He comes in such a way that we can always turn him down, as we could crack the baby’s skull like an eggshell or nail him up when he gets too big for that.  God  comes to us in the hungry people we do not have to feed, comes to us in the lonely people we do not have to comfort, comes to us in all the desperate human need of people everywhere that we are always free to turn our backs upon.  It means that God puts himself at our mercy not only in the sense of the suffering that we can cause him by our blindness and coldness and cruelty, but the suffering we can cause him simply by suffering ourselves.”
–from The Face in the Sky, Frederick Buechner


The final one is a benediction from another friend’s blog

May the child in the feeding trough, rejected from birth by family and royalty, call you softly into His presence this Christmas and remind you that because of His presence you are redeemed, because of His rejection you are accepted, and because of His death to come you are now alive. May the love of God the Father, incarnated by the life of Jesus Christ and implanted within us by the Holy Spirit go with you now and throughout this blessed Christmas.


Have a blessed Christmas!

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