Expectation and Preparation

“It is a primary truth of Christianity that God reaches us directly. No person is insulated. As ocean floods the inlets, as sunlight environs the plant, so God enfolds and enwreathes the finite spirit. There is this difference, however, inlet and plant are penetrated whether they will or not. Sea and sunshine crowd themselves in a tergo. Not so with God. He can be received only through appreciation and conscious appropriation. He comes only through doors that are purposely opened for him. A person may live as near God as the bubble is to the ocean and yet not find him. He may be “closer than breathing, nearer than hands or feet,” and still be missed. Historical Christianity is dry and formal when it lacks the immediate and inward response to our Great Companion; but our spirits are trained to know him, to appreciate him, by the mediation of historical revelation. A person’s spiritual life is always dwarfed when cut apart from history. Mysticism is empty unless it is enriched by outward and historical revelation. The supreme education of the soul comes through an intimate acquaintance with Jesus Christ of history.”  -Rufus M. Jones

Advent is a season of expectation, a season of reflection on the coming Messiah.  That the Messiah would come was a promise, and a promise fulfilled! But let’s not forget that the Messiah’s arrival is only half the equation.  Many expected and watched for the Messiah with hope in their hearts, and yet when he came there were only a few that recognized and chose to follow him.  The Messiah has come, but we must respond appropriately.  Advent is a season of expectation and preparation.  Take some time today to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus.

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