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Rechargable Devotions: Why I Should Apologize to My Former Students

When I was a youth pastor I encouraged students to have daily quiet times.  I told them that a daily quiet time was like recharging their batteries.  “Our batteries are drained throughout the day,” I said, “so we need to … Continue reading

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In a previous post I shared some disappointing statistics that suggested there is very little difference between the lives of those in the church and those outside it.  I believe the reason our faith has so little impact on our … Continue reading

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The Hound of Heaven

Below is a poem by English poet Francis Thompson in the late nineteenth century.  It is a beautiful picture of God’s relentless pursuit of each of us.  I hope it as meaningful for you as it has been to me. … Continue reading

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Tuxedo Shirt Jesus

  Voltaire once wrote, “If God has made us in his image, we have returned him the favor.”  This idea, that we make God in our image, is one that has come up a number of times in different settings … Continue reading

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The Classroom of the Ordinary

My son is a genius.  He’ll be two in December, and he can already count to ten.  He knows most of his ABCs and their phonetic sounds.  He can identify any truck or machine by name and sound.  After helping … Continue reading

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A Blog About Nothing: Guest Post from Grandpa Mexico

Below is a post from my dad’s blog.  Granny and Grandpa Mexico, as they are referred to in our house, live in Huatulco.  They are building relationships and sharing Jesus with everyone they meet. I am incredibly proud of them … Continue reading

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Santa, Hiram the Ghost, and Worship

“When did you learn that Santa doesn’t exist?” This question was once asked in a meeting I attended, and after the typical, “What?  Santa’s not real?” Four of the seven people said they never believed in Santa. I felt like … Continue reading

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