The Gospel According to Lost (book review)

I have always been skeptical of The Gospel According to… books.  The market is flooded with them: The Gospel According to Peanuts, The Gospel According to Star Wars, The Gospel According to the Simpsons, etc.  I often feel the author tries to find something in the story that was never intended.  The Gospel According to Lost, however, is different.  I don’t know where Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse, the producers of Lost, stand spiritually, but anyone who has seen the show will realize that they certainly intend to raise some major philosophical, ethical, and spiritual questions.  As a result, Lost is a perfect candidate for the Gospel According to… treatment.

It is obvious that Chris Seay knows and loves Lost.  He honors the writers and creators by exploring the themes they intentionally raise within the story and characters to which we can all relate.  In the first half of The Gospel According to Lost, Seay explores questions raised by the story arcs of the main characters. There is a lot to reflect on here.  For example, what do we do with violence, is anyone beyond redemption, how do we handle/mishandle our calling, and what is the relationship between law and grace? What makes this section so valuable is that the questions raised are universal and cover a wide enough spectrum of issues that anyone open to personal reflection will find something to think about.  In the second half of the book, Seay uses themes, characters, and storylines from Lost to help illuminate Biblical teaching, specifically (and appropriately) the “lost” parables of Luke 15.  Exploring these parables in the context of Lost helps the reader apply Jesus’ teaching in a very personal way.

I really enjoyed my time in The Gospel According to Lost.  It is a quick and engaging read that any reflective fan of the show needs to read before the final season kicks off in February.

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One Response to The Gospel According to Lost (book review)

  1. andy says:

    Hey Fef…
    You’re feelings about “Gospel according to…” books is the same as mine. I really like Chris Seay but have never watched Lost so I probably won’t be reading this…

    I really wish that Chris would write a book about consumerism and the church. He’s so passionate about this and I’m sure it shows up in this book but man I would love to read one whole raging book on it….

    Hope you’re doing well man. I know you’re enjoying fatherhood (and not enjoying parts I’m sure…). Looking forward to seeing you next month.

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